Still holding your phone?

We see you trying out there... maybe it's time to give it a rest? You can do less. Still holding your phone? Put your phone in this potato pillow, and maybe when you're older, your fingers will still work instead of being painful and numb from carpal tunnel and arthritis. Or maybe not, you could still get carpal tunnel and arthritis. We can't medically or scientifically say that using a PhoneSpud will help you avoid carpal tunnel or arthritis (for the record). But, I mean, it can't hurt, right?

Keep Your Phone Handy & Charged

  • sits vertically or horizontally
  • zippered pouch for power bank and accessories
  • phone sits behind vinyl screen and is usable
Spud Me

How it works

PhoneSpuds With Power Bank

PhoneSpuds With Power Bank

NEW Bundles that include a 16000 Mah power bank to keep your...