From Teaching to Entrepreneurship: A Journey of Healing and Growth

From Teaching to Entrepreneurship: A Journey of Healing and Growth

Leaving a teaching position partway through the school year is not an easy decision. However, when stress and post-concussion syndrome began taking a serious toll on my physical and mental health, I knew I had to make a change - and it couldn’t wait.

I have struggled with persistent post-concussion symptoms since 2021, after an accident at home left me using a walker for several months and spending much of my time in and out of physical therapy and doctor’s appointments. It was a heartbreaking realization that I had to step away from my role to focus on healing. I didn't want to disappoint others, but I also didn't want to accept the fact that I wasn't fully recovered. 

While the circumstances that led me to this crossroads were unexpected and challenging, they also brought about a newfound sense of determination and resilience.

With the support of my loved ones and encouragement from my entrepreneur family, I am forging ahead with optimism! The road may have been rocky, but it has led me to a place where I can continue healing, resting, and growing both personally and professionally. I am excited for the chance to make a positive impact in a new way.

Remember, challenges are not roadblocks but stepping stones to greater things. Embrace the unknown, trust in your journey, and never underestimate the power of resilience and perseverance. The best is yet to come.

Much love,


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